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Senior Physics Challenge

Senior Physics Challenge Residential Course

  • About 30-40 prize places for Year 12 students in the SPC residential course in Cambridge.
  • Course usually in early July.
  • Advanced problem solving in Quantum Mechanics.
  • Lab classes.
  • Prize places awarded for commitment to solving problems from Isaac. Problems considered for SPC qualification will come from the main selector/filter of the Isaac Physics site, or from boards of questions set for competitions. Problems from the Mastering Physics book that are answered on the site will not count."
  • Interested students should register with Isaac and just get started with solving problems. All problem solving is then recorded in your personal profile.
  • Students can join the Isaac "group" for SPC prize awards. Only then can your stored problem-solving record be monitored (and only in generality, not as with set homework) to be considered for the SPC residential.

Generously supported by participating Colleges and the Ogden Trust.
Christ's Churchill Corpus Christi Downing Emmanuel Fitzwilliam St John's Newnham Pembroke Peterhouse Queens' Robinson St Catharine's Sidney Sussex Trinity Trinity Hall The Ogden Trust