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Using Isaac Physics for skills and deeper understanding

Parents are often concerned that their children acquire the serious skills and depth of understanding needed for top A-level results and for university admissions.
Isaacphysics can help with both.
The only route to understanding, fluency and top results is "learning by doing". In physics and maths this means problem solving. As with e.g. playing the piano, the fluency tools to be able to express yourself come only from prolonged practice, that is over many months at least.

Core A-level skills

Isaac has published a book "Mastering Physics" by two leading physics teachers with about 70 problem sets each of 10-15 questions. Each set is targeted on a particular A-level topic and consolidates understanding, revises the ideas, stretches the student a little. Experience shows that doing these exercises typically lifts performance by 1 or more A-level grades. The paper copy of the book (128pp) is available for £1 (+ P&P according to how many being ordered) from

All the book's problems are also available on line at where they can be answered and immediately marked by Isaac. Students should register (free!) in order that their problem sets are retained, as is their progress in the problems. Should a teacher set the same problems as homework, then they will instantly be recorded as having been done, saving the student work!

Understanding physics through problem solving has many hundreds of graded, demanding problems in the fundamental areas covered in A-level that really are required for the transition to university physics and engineering. Students can select sets of problems from a filter/selector. Progress is saved for registered users. Soon progress will be able to be summarised by Isaac for CVs etc.

Warning! Most of these problems are challenging. Students move to the next level when they are no longer challenging. They require putting down the mouse and picking up pencil and paper. Even teachers and university staff generally have to reach for some paper. Do not expect to do them quickly. Physics and maths are not easy subjects. Learning takes effort by the student, rather than (as well as) by the teacher.

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