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Using Isaac Physics for admissions preparation

The preparation needed for admission interviews/tests/assessment to top (e.g. Russell Group) universities is often mysterious to students and their parents. In physics, engineering and mathematics the requirements are generally quite straightforward:

  • Fluency and confidence with the tools of physics and maths.
  • Thinking clearly about physics through application.
Mathematics underpins all the physics related subjects. The Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) used in Oxford (for physics and engineering) is 1 hour of maths and 1 hour of physics problem solving. It reflects what universities need their students to be able to do. Look at past papers for guidance. Other guidance as to what colleges and universities are looking for can be found on their own web sites. See for instance a sample paper from a typical Cambridge college and further sample questions here.

Help from isaac

  • Practise throughout the A-level course skills of "Mastering Physics".
  • Move on in parallel to the challenging problem solving on
    By the time of admissions in the 4th and 5th terms of the sixth form, students should be well-practised in at least level 4 problems and embarking on level 5. Guidance is provided about how to solve physics problems and what sort of skills are required.
  • Practise the maths problems on Isaac that are there to support physics.
  • Isaac's live on-line tuition can help students greatly. The sessions do require preparation.
  • Isaac provides specially designed university admissions preparation for maths and mechanics fluency.

Generously supported by participating Colleges and the Ogden Trust.
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