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Senior Physics Challenge

Senior Physics Challenge and Isaac Physics

The SPC has morphed into Isaac Physics, a DfE project run from Cambridge University offering a wide range of free resources to to teachers and to students in the 15 - 19 year age range.

We develop in students a deep understanding of physics through skills building and problem solving, ideal preparation for physics, engineering, maths and related subjects at top UK universities.

The Senior Physics Challenge residential summer school for Year 12 students continues. Student places are now awarded for commitment and ability in problem solving on Isaac Physics during the year. In 2018 it will run from the afternoon of Monday 2nd July to the morning of Thursday 5th July. See here for details. This year the deadline for application is May 1st 2018. More details on how to apply for this course can be found here.


  • Skills development for A-levels - dual book/on-line problems.
  • Challenging problem solving on GCSE+ to university.
  • Maths problems to support physics.
  • Live on-line tuition; face-to-face student workshops.
  • Prizes for problem solving.
  • "Extraordinary problem sets" - even more challenging extension.
  • University admissions preparation.


  • Isaac sets targeted A-level and also extension homework, marks and feeds back results to teachers.
  • Cost price books for problem solving and extension.
  • CPD (free) in key topics & problem solving - day and residential.
  • Materials for core teaching and extension.
  • Teacher-Isaac Physics partnership scheme.
  • University admissions advice.
170,000 problems per week currently being solved on
Learn by doing, with hints, concept sheets, guidance, immediate marking and feedback.

Dr Lisa Jardine-Wright and Prof. Mark Warner FRS (Course Directors)

Generously supported by participating Colleges and the Ogden Trust.
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